July 22

Let’s talk- insurance coverage and chiropractic care…

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Let’s talk- insurance coverage and chiropractic care…

  We’re here to break down the facts you need to know about insurance coverage related to the cost of chiropractic care. Expense is one of the biggest myths about chiropractic care. Most people don’t think they can afford out-of-pocket chiropractic care fees, but we believe you deserve access to a meaningful amount of care and the opportunity to work with our team over time at an affordable price.  This means that chiropractic care might actually cost less than you think! We have to decide: How much do we value our health? How will we prioritize the expense of recovering our health with the other demands on our time and money? What will it take to get well, and more importantly, to stay well? Health insurance company’s base members chiropractic coverage on medically necessary care only.  Unfortunately, most medical care in the United States is ‘sick care’, not health care. Healthcare insurance is similar to auto insurance. You have car insurance in case something major happens, but it doesn’t cover the regular maintenance of the vehicle.  ✓ Preventive care is core to our philosophy, and insurance companies won’t typically pay for prevention and maintenance. Our mission is to help you see results, and results that last take time. Regular adjustments to your back are no different than routine cleanings at the dentist or regular oil changes in your car. Future appointments won’t mean never-ending care, but rather regular check-ins to make sure your body is strong and functioning well Wellness care is designed to help maintain the progress that a patient has made. For permanent/chronic issues, the goal is to reduce the intensity, frequency, and duration of any flare-ups they may experience. We want to keep a person functioning at the highest level possible. That’s the difference between medically necessary and wellness care. When people ask me why their insurance doesn’t cover wellness care, the answer is, because it’s not considered medically necessary. Insurance company policies and employees should not determine your health care and chiropractic needs. That should be a conversation between you and a licensed chiropractor. Most insurance plans only allow a certain number of visits per year.  The number is based on the premium you pay for your insurance coverage, NOT on what your actual healthcare needs are. Many people have poor insurance coverage and/or their deductible and co-pays are too high to afford the care they need. The coverage offered by traditional insurance is shrinking. Insurance companies are raising premiums and reducing benefits. Even government-based programs are affected. This leaves many patients trying to “save” their chiropractic adjustment for a time when they have a flare-up instead of coming in when they need care.  ✓ At Thrive! Wellness Center, we offer our patients an affordable solution. We have partnered with ChiroHealth USA. Clients sign up for an annual membership and the program offers them discounts on many of their chiropractic expenses. By not having to deal with the extensive demands of insurance networks, office costs are kept down, and we can offer chiropractic care at fees everyone can afford. By working with ChiroHealth USA, we’re able to extend deeper discounts, legally, compared to what it may typically cost. (Think of CHUSA as AAA for a chiropractic clinic… you pay an annual membership and are entitled to discounts all over the country!). Our objective, as practiced in this office, is to improve your health throughout your entire life. Therefore, recommendations are based on YOUR needs, not the restrictions of your insurance company. A lot of people choose chiropractic maintenance care because they want to function at the highest level possible and help prevent issues in the future. Many insurance plans don’t cover chiropractic care for children.  ✓ Children of all ages, from infants to teenagers, can benefit from chiropractic care. Like adults, children often suffer from back and neck pain, headaches and spinal injuries that have been shown to respond well to chiropractic treatment. When these problems are treated in childhood, they’re less likely to cause significant damage and discomfort later in life. It is, and always will be, easier and less expensive to grow healthy children than to repair damaged adults. By relying on insurance to cover chiropractic care for children, small issues are allowed to become larger problems. Annual membership in CHUSA  includes the immediate family.  When you think about it, our health is our most valuable possession: it affects everything we do and everyone we know. This understanding should cause us to rethink how we spend our time and our money. Our health becomes a reflection of our self-esteem and shapes the kind of life we’ll have—even our future. True health happens by choice – not by chance. Ultimately, how you value and prioritize your health will have a huge impact on your life. If you still have questions or want to bust additional myths about chiropractic care, reach out to the specialists who have been practicing it for several years.  Contact us at Thrive! Wellness Center- St. Petersberg and ask about a chiropractic consultation so we can address your needs and answer any questions you have about this form of treatment. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]


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