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Pain is a warning sign that something is wrong in your body.  When people experience pain, they have a few options.  The first thing many people do is to ignore the pain and hope it goes away.  Let’s face it…we all have busy lives and don’t want to be slowed down by pain.  Sometimes this works.  If the pain persists, the next steps might involve medications or surgeries with potential side effects and complications. 

At Thrive! Wellness Center, we provide a variety of non-surgical and natural solutions to identify the source of your pain…to eliminate your painand to let you start enjoying your life again. 

We focus on correcting the cause of your pain – not simply putting a band-aid over it or masking the symptoms. When we can find and fix the root problem, healing occurs.  Without drugs. Without surgery. 

The human body is designed to heal, like a compass pointing North.  As we age and our cells get older, the efficiency and effectiveness of our cells decline.  This means we heal more slowly and less completely.  The younger we are, the faster we heal.  Think of a small child who falls and gets a cut on his elbow.  Within a few days, the skin looks perfect, without the slightest blemish to indicate the prior injury.  Next, imagine that same cut on the arm of a 40-year old…a 65-year old…an 80-year old.  It takes longer to heal and can leave a mark that lingers for months. 

With Regenerative Medicine, we can provide your body with young, healthy, and vibrant cells to lead the healing process.  When these cells are introduced to your body, they can initiate healing and reinvigorate your own, potentially dormant, cells.

Pain Relief Treatment Options

When people come to our office seeking relief from their pain, we start with a thorough history and exam.  How long have you had the problem?  What have you done to try to make it better?  What were the results of previous treatment efforts?  We also want to know how this is impacting your life: What were you able to enjoy before the pain that you no longer enjoy? What activities do you most wish you could do without pain again? 

Once we have a thorough understanding of your injury or health issue, we develop a customized treatment plan to achieve optimal results.  Some of the techniques and services we may recommend include:

What Conditions Have We Successfully Treated?

We’ve helped hundreds of people eliminate their pain, and we want to help you too.  The best part of our day is when a patient tells us how they are truly living and enjoying life again, without limiting pain.  We want you to be our next success!  Don’t give up – make the phone call that could change your life today!   

Our mission is to help as many people as possible live longer, happier, and healthier lives without pain, drugs, or surgery.  We invite you to call our office for a free consultation regarding our cutting-edge treatment options for pain relief in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We’ve helped many patients in the Greater St. Petersburg area, and we hope you’ll give us a chance to help you. 

Choose How We Can Help

holistic medicine

Chronic Health Issues

Overcome issues such as headaches, digestive problems, diabetes, fatigue, or other long-standing health concerns with nutrition, supplements, and other natural and holistic solutions.


Aging Gracefully

Reverse wrinkles, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy, degenerative joints, and other issues associated with aging with Regenerative Cellular Therapies, PRP, Nutritional IVs, and more.


Physical Pain or Injury

Resolve acute or chronic pain with a combination of Chiropractic Care and advanced assessment and treatment techniques—such as ProTecSpine and Deep-Tissue Laser Therapy.


Recovering Lost Function

Recover your natural range of motion and flexibility with the latest techniques in Physiotherapy and Functional Movement Therapy.

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