Dr. Kelley is available to speak to your employees, group, or organization!

As a family wellness chiropractor, Dr. Kelley has spent years educating her patients so they can make better choices to improve their lives and the lives of their families. But her commitment to wellness education does not stop there! Dr. Kelley believes that, while change begins with the individual, it must also occur on a larger scale in order to impact the community. That’s why she donates her time to provide FREE health talks for businesses and organizations.

Our society has become information-rich…but common-sense-poor. Dr. Kelley has designed her classes to provide people with the skills they need to think critically about information and make educated decisions…not ones based on marketing tactics or fear. Educated and empowered consumers can lead to healthier (and happier) people in the workplace and in the community.

Most classes are fit into a one-hour time-frame, including the introduction, content, and questions. This could be the hour that changes your life…or the life of one of your employees!

How Do I Schedule a Talk with Dr. Kelley?

It’s simple!

  1. Call Thrive! Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC at (727) 381-3456. Dr. Kelley will help you select the class that is right for your employees or organization and that fits into your busy schedule.
  2. Sit back and prepare to learn as you listen to Dr. Kelley
  3. Receive appreciation and thanks from your employees, residents, or members for caring enough to help them become more informed about health!

You provide the space…select the topic and the time…Dr. Kelley and 1 or 2 of her staff will be there 15 minutes before the scheduled time. The classes typically start with an introduction and a mini wellness questionnaire. (The anonymous results are tabulated to help you help your employees!) The classes themselves are a mixture of learning and entertainment…skills and knowledge…information and activities. At the end of the class, participants will be given a 3-4 question survey to anonymously rate the class.

Our Most Popular Classes:

  • Wellness 101: This is our most popular foundational class where we cover material which sets the stage for the rest of our classes. It includes a discussion of the changing definition of wellness, the false sense of security most Americans operate under, and an exploration of the top causes of declining health. Participants are encouraged to take a close look at their level of health, and areas in which they could improve.
  • Body Basics: Physical Health: The class covers the importance of motion in life. Various forms of exercise are discussed, including the population for which they are most appropriate. Special attention is paid to familiarize participants with resistance bands and stability balls.
  • Nutrition Basics: Eating well is no longer as simple as it used to be. During this program, we cover common misconceptions about nutrition and what the current research shows. In addition, Dr. Kelley will provide tips and techniques that participants can easily begin using right away to make a difference in their nutrition.
  • De-Stress and Re-Vitalize!: Participants will learn what stress is, its impact on the body, common causes of stress, and the stress connection to disease. They will also learn how to start improving their body’s ability to handle stress, and how to reduce the impact of stress on their body!
  • Boosting Your Immune System…Naturally: Every year there is another infectious disease scare, and people feel increasingly disempowered to protect themselves. This class focuses on easy and simple ways that you can enhance the effectiveness of your immune system without drugs.
  • Custom Talk: Perhaps people in your office or organization are battling a specific health issue, or maybe you don’t see a topic that resonates with you. Dr. Kelley is happy to create a custom health talk to suit your needs!

Additional Topics Include:

  • Food Myths: A continuation of our Nutrition Basics class, this workshop explores in more detail the misconceptions surrounding the issues of dairy, whole grains, and soy. This includes a discussion of the food guide pyramid and alternatives.
  • Vaccines: The decision to vaccinate your child is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. Unfortunately, most parents receive a one-sided view of vaccines and are not given the ability to make a truly informed choice. This class explores both sides of the heated debate which continues to rage in our media.
  • Deciphering Food Labels: In this expansion of the Nutrition Basics class, Dr. Kelley shows participants how to read a food label and how to recognize common deceptions in advertising. Together we review food labels of common products as well as appropriate serving sizes.
  • Genetically Modified Food: “Franken-foods” are fast becoming the norm instead of the exception in our society. Learn what a GM food is, how to recognize it, and the impact they can have in your body and in our economy.
  • Glycemic Index: As any person struggling with diabetes knows, a knowledge of the Glycemic Index (GI) is critical to healthy living. Participants in this class learn what the GI is and how to use it in their everyday lives to make better food choices.
  • Goal Setting & Life Purpose: Goal Setting and a sense of purpose are critical to ones success and overall sense of well-being. However, this is not a skill commonly taught to us in school! This workshop focuses on 3 goal-setting techniques so participants can find one that suits their personal style. It also looks at the concept of Life Purpose and how to discover yours!
  • Vision Board: This workshop is commonly used as a follow-up to the Goal Setting & Life Purpose workshop. It combines creativity and fun with goal setting! Each participant goes home with their own personal visual expression of their goals, as well as an understanding of the process to use in the future to create additional vision boards.
  • Healthy Relationships: Based on the book Seven Levels of Intimacy by Mathew Kelly, this class explores the different types of relationships people share, and how to develop more meaning in your relationships. Special attention is given to what should stand at the center of your relationships.
  • Forgiveness: Often a controversial topic, Forgiveness is nevertheless considered by most to be an integral component of a healing journey. This workshop explores a definition of forgiveness, when to forgive, when not to forgive, and how you know when the process is complete.
  • The Energetics of Health: Quantum physicists have known for decades of the existence of “subtle” or “energetic” bodies that are part of each human being. This class looks at the different energetic bodies and how they can impact our physical health. Special attention is given to alternative therapies which may help the subtle bodies to heal, thus promoting the health of our physical bodies.
  • The Four Keys to Health: This program is designed to create an awareness of the four key requirements for optimal health. Food, water, oxygen and proper nerve function are all essential for health and wellbeing. During this presentation, we will define health and discuss the lifestyle habits that will create balance and integrity, thus empowering participants to make a lasting shift in the continuum from sickness and disease toward health and wellness.
  • Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy: Our audience will be educated on the importance of spinal balance and proper neurological function to support pregnancy, fetal development, and promote effective labor and delivery. This program was designed for expecting mothers, their families, and allied health professionals (midwives, nurses, obstetricians and pediatricians). We will discuss the importance of exercise, appropriate stretches, and the importance of regular spinal check-ups to ensure effective labor and delivery that is safe and magical for the mother and the baby.
  • Healthy Aging: This program highlights the difficulty today’s seniors face in a world of health care designed to treat disease as opposed to creating health. It looks at trends in medicine and the real-life effects on today’s senior population. We conclude with practical ideas for seniors that will help them create lasting change in their health as well as their medicine cabinets.
  • Office Ergonomics: Employee health is a major concern for most employers and they will welcome your program with open arms. This is not just another work safety program; it emphasizes the importance of spinal health and regular spinal check-ups as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Kids Health: Parents will learn the research related to ear infections, colds, sore throats, asthma, colic and other childhood illnesses, along with the studies that demonstrate the ineffectiveness of medical and pharmaceutical treatments. We will also discuss the growing evidence proving that the overuse and the inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics actually damage a child’s health. Research from British Medical Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association, as well as the Centers for Disease Control all show alarming trends leading to increased incidence of childhood disease linked to drug therapy.
  • Ten Keys to Longevity: We discuss the ten most common characteristics of all centenarians, and how lifestyle factors (not genetics) are the greatest indicators for longevity. Longevity without health is not the goal; the goal is to add life to your years as well as years to your life.
  • Backpack Safety and Body Awareness: Audience members will understand why it is important to help children develop body awareness and proper spinal hygiene. Emphasis is on proper backpack weight, loading, and wearing.
  • Welcome to a Life without Headaches and Drugs: This program was designed to describe the neurological, circulatory, and chemical causes of headaches. Participants will learn the perils of a pharmaceutical approach of symptom-chasing in contrast to the chiropractic approach of correcting the cause of the problem.
  • Understanding Physical Stress: During this presentation, participants will learn: (1) the real-life causes of stress, (2) the relationship between stress and disease, (3) how to recognize and deal with stress in daily life, and (4) how to gain a better understanding of disease prevention and maintenance of health.
  • How to Rev up your Metabolism: Our audience will be educated on what the body’s metabolism is and how it works. We’ll show them how to increase their metabolism to achieve weight loss and maintain their ideal weight once they achieve it. We will discuss the 4 essentials of metabolism, the thermic effect of food, and the impact water, oxygen, and the nervous system have on our metabolism. We’ll let them know they are in control, lifestyle choices are the key.
  • How to Enhance Your Performance: This presentation introduces several very successful athletes like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and Martina Navratilova, and points out something special that they have in common…..they are among the best in their sports fields and they all view chiropractic as absolutely essential to their training and overall wellbeing. We review what Health is, talk about our not-so-great Healthcare System, and the Solution. We cover lifestyle habits, both good and bad, the importance of proper nutrition, adequate water intake, the benefits of healthy thinking, and the importance of spinal and nerve system balance. We review what chiropractic is, the benefit of chiropractic, and why we need lifetime chiropractic care for good health and wellbeing.
  • Optimal Health Builds Maximum Wealth: This program highlights the current state of health care, explaining the bottom line of what health care is costing companies and individuals today. We will highlight the predictions for the state of health care in the future and what it will cost companies and individuals. The doctor will give tips that can be implemented immediately by individuals or companies, no matter the size, that will directly increase their profit. Tips will range anywhere from drinking water to reducing stress. The doctor will have research to show the affects these tips will have on productivity and absenteeism, as well as how it directly relates to your profit.
  • Do I Look Fat in These GENES? The new field of epigenetics takes a look at how our environment, habits and attitudes affect our genetic expression. We will review old beliefs around genetics and will show how new information is changing how we look at genetics. The message here is we have more control over our genetics than we ever thought possible!

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