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Compensations may have become your “new normal.”

  • Neuromuscular imbalances cause asymmetries in the body
  • Your body recruits other muscles, which creates abnormal & inefficient patterns
  • Resulting in increased wear and tear, pain, and loss of function.
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    mansitting in bed suffering from body aches

    Our Functional Movement Specialist can help you get to the bottom of your abnormal patterns.

    We combine knowledge of movement traditions such as Pilates and Yoga with new techniques in kinesiology such as the M.E.L.T. Method ®, OOV, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Relief Through Rolling, and ReXist360. The result is enhanced performance, stability, and ease.

    Thrive Wellness physiotherapy area

    Our Physiotherapy and Functional Movement approach is ideal for anyone wishing to optimize physical performance, or for those struggling with chronic musculoskeletal imbalances. Conditions we can help with a Functional Movement Program at Thrive! Wellness Center include:

    • Athletes / Fitness Enthusiasts
    • Core Imbalances
    • Pelvic Floor Imbalances
    • Pre & Post-Menopausal
    • Knee Pain or Instability
    • Hip Pain or Instability
    • Neuromuscular Imbalances
    • Postural Imbalances
    • Pre & Post-Natal

    What Our Patients Are Saying

    Jenna Dodge is “the” consummate exercise professional.  She knows exercises for any condition or issue and can teach, explain and demonstrate these exercises to you. I have consulted with Jenna various times over the last few years for weak core muscles and after an accident when I suffered from multiple fractures. Her advice is always spot-on and helpful. Jenna thinks through your situation by analyzing your physiology, anatomy and muscle groups.  It is her thorough analysis—her skilled ongoing assessment process–that sets her above the rest.   Her knowledge base brings together principles of physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training and coaching.  Personally Jenna is innovative, passionate, caring, kind and inspirational. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting cutting edge training and exceptional service.

    Paulette w.

    I went to Jenna for tendinitis, but over the past nine months, she has done so much more for me. The tendinitis went away after our first session, just as she had predicted. Since she started working with me to release my psoas, the back spasms have become few and far between. My fitness tracking watch has shown that my average deep sleep per night has gone from about one hour to about three hours (the goal is four hours). I can now sit at my desk at work without the unbearable pain in my neck and hips. These were all problems that I never thought could be fixed. Jenna has not only helped me feel better than I ever thought I could, but has given me hope for my future


    Our Physiotherapy and Functional Movement Approach

    Our Physiotherapy and Functional Movement approach uncovers the reasons for imbalances and retrains your body for normal function and enhanced performance. Your personalized plan might include any of the following:


    (MELT®) is a simple self-treatment designed to help you stay healthy, youthful, and active for a lifetime. MELT employs the use of gentle tools and self-care protocols to improve the supportive qualities of the connective tissue system (fascia) to restore neurological stability and sensory-motor control. The ultimate outcome is pain relief and performance improvement.


    This product works by activating the user’s core stabilizing muscles while also gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication. From stretching to core strengthening to rehabilitation or for relaxation purposes, the OOV can be utilized with significant benefits for spinal health.


    (FMS) is a tool used to identify the body’s asymmetries which result in functional movement deficiencies. The FMS aims to identify imbalances in mobility, stability, and flexibility during seven fundamental movement patterns. These movement patterns are designed to provide observable performance of basic locomotor, manipulative and stabilizing movements by placing an individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mobility and motor control are not utilized. Once these deficiencies have been identified through the FMS, a program of corrective exercises is then developed with the goal of preventing musculoskeletal injuries. This screening is highly recommended to ALL athletes.


    (DNS) combines developmental kinesiology, neurophysiology and biomechanics. In the first critical years of life, the nervous system establishes programs that control human posture, movement, and gait. Based upon neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation principles, Pavel Kolar organized the next generation of clinical protocols designed to restore and stabilize locomotor function. This new rehabilitation approach is called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).


    ReXist360 is a resistance training system that stimulates neuromuscular communication in the lower body. Pelvic stabilizers engage allowing to train better posture and movements instantly. This is great for anyone with knee, hip, and low back issues.


    (RTR) is a self-care technique for everyone to reduce and relieve the pain the moment it is happening. Relief Through Rolling breaks the pain cycle and allows the body to repair and regenerate.

    Jenna Demonstrates the M.E.L.T Method

    Jenna dodge instructing class participants
    Jenna Dodge with 3 class participants standing in front of Thrive! wellness center
    Jenna Dodge stretching a students leg
    Jenna Dodge stretching a students leg
    Jenna Dodge instructs class aprticipants in a parking lot

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