Top 5 Parks & Museums for 2017

Top 5 Parks & Museums for 2017

Wondering about the top places to explore in St. Petersburg, Florida? While you might love Florida’s beaches, there is a lot more to explore here – like museums and parks.

The St. Petersburg-Clearwater area, particularly, has a good many of them for you to explore. If it’s a rainy day and you wouldn’t want to go out in the park, just head off to the museums.

Apart from the list given below, there are a good number of other museums that you can visit. The Armed Forces Military Museum is one of them – telling you tales about men and women who brought laurels to the country, and sacrificed for the nation.

You also have the St. Petersburg Museum of History that takes you down the history lane. If you love arts, pay a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts and Leepa-Ratner Museum of Art. More into automobiles? Head to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum’s and check out the large collection of vintage vehicles from Europe and the US.

The Top Parks and Museums to Visit

The city is peppered with a number of museums and parks that make it a must-visit for all tourists. Let us check some of the more popular ones.

1. The Dali Museum

One of the most famous museums around the world, it is located at One Dali Boulevard. It contains some of the world’s greatest art from the surrealist master – expect to find some great paintings, drawings, graphics and other artwork. You can get to see all of Dali’s artworks, from cubism to ‘classical’ styles.

Tip – If you’ve visited before, it’s time to pay a visit again. The building has an entire new outlook!

2. Sandy Key Park

Located at 1060 Gulf Boulevard, Clearwater, it has some spectacular walking trails and a half mile sandy beach for you to stroll on.

Expect to see sea turtles hatching eggs. More of looking to spend your Sunday afternoon? Go in for bird watching, where you could sea everything from a heron, roseate spoonbill, to the great horned owl.

Tip – Check out the affordable gift shop inside, and bring in a souvenir back home!

3. Caladesi Island State Park

For all the animal lovers out there, the Caladesi Island State Park is the place to go.

This 600-acre island is accessible by a ferry, and is great for nature trails and wildlife watching.

Tip – Get to witness some rare flora and fauna, with the island untouched by humankind.

4. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

You could do anything there – from walking trails to boardwalks to camping.

The reserve has everything from wetlands to pine trees and wildlife for you to see, and it’s the perfect place for a family outing too.

Tip – If you love bird watching, you could head over with your friends.

5. Gulf Beaches Historical Museum

Originally built as a church, it was bought over by one Joan Haley in 1959. He used it as his residence till 1989, when he willed it to Pinellas County. The Museum started in 1993, and today houses everything from historic artefacts to WW 2 exhibits. It’s entirely manned by local volunteers and is funded through membership.

Tip – Look out for the relics from the Don Cesar!

Pack your bags for your St. Petersburg visit. Whether it be for work or for a family vacation, St. Petersburg does have plenty to offer – are you ready for it?

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