PROTECSPINE – Spinal Traction


The ProTecSpine is a vertically-oriented, gravity-based, decompressive therapeutic device. It allows the therapist to instruct the patient in “open chain” off-loading of the lumbar and/or cervical spine. The patient controls offloading by lowering the seat while their upper torso and/or head and neck is/are fixed. Once the spine is in the off-loaded position, the therapist can take the patient through a multitude of active, passive, and resisted ranges of motion to the patient’s tolerance. The ProTec allows the provider to combine accurate, precise, and safe manipulative procedures to the patient whose pain is controlled by offloading the painful tissues. The ProTec allows for rotational, lateral flexion, and AP glide motions to be administered to the lumbar and/or cervical spine.

Can be used in conjunction with hip joint/pelvic exercises, leg/hamstring exercises, Williams’s flexion and McKenzie’s extension exercises.

New approach to Spinal Decompression


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