My Day In St Petersburg FL


St Petersburg is a great city to go chilling if you have time to kill. There are a lot of things you can do here in day including cruising, dining and visiting landmarks and museums. Although the state of sunshine is warm most of the year, summer is a great time to be in St Petersburg just when sufficient attention is being put on tourists. Here are the top spots you can visit in just one day.

St. Petersburg Private Sunset Cruise

The sandy coastline of Florida is always magical. Be part of the magic by traveling by boat in the golden haze of the sunset touching the ocean. Travel by boat for sightseeing of scenery water environments and marine wildlife. Your fun voyage should begin at Marriot Renaissance Vinoy Resort which has been at that exact spot since 1925. You will have an array of private yachts to pick from: Catalina, Fountaine Pajot, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Hunter among others. It can be an excellent experience if you are on a short romantic outing with your other half or just anyone else.

Florida Holocaust Museum

Take an emotional trip to Florida Holocaust Museum to have brief experience of the cruelty of the past. This museum is a great place to start with if you have never been in a holocaust museum before. It features a closed car box, exhibits, articles that you can a read and pictures that will make you cry. A lot of visitors who come here have a groupon ticket, so it may be a nice idea to get one. Visit this jewel of history located in the heart of St. Pete to have a glimpse of the sad and amazing story of the Jews.

Sawgrass Lake Park

Gators, gators and more gators all over the wet grass. Travel slightly to the North of St. Pete and visit these brutes in the swamps they call home, at their own convenience. The park has a range of other exotic wildlife on display and plenty of mosquitoes, so remember to smear yourself with a repellent. There are other things you can do here such as visiting educational exhibits, having snack on elegant picnic tables, seeing birds, and strolling on the boardwalks as you watch baby alligators frolic in marshes below.

Leverock Great Seafood

You can drop by Leverock Great Seafood to gobble a store prepared Calamari, Lobster Brisque, Salmon, Swordfish, Rainbow Trout finely garnished with handpicked tomatoes among other great treats fresh from the sea. It is a popular and busy seafood restaurant with great ratings. Service is fast here so your plate of raw oysters and smoked fish spread will be delivered on your table quickly before the appetizer even leaves your gullet. This is the best reviewed seafood restaurant in St. Petersburg so don’t be worried of substandard service or being served an old sauce.

Jack Londons Grill

Jack Londons Grill offers an excellent dining spot where you can eat London cuisine including Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, the Shepherd’s Pie among other great dishes. Feel free to mingle with the courteous staff and as you order any dish you please from an extended menu. Kindly notify the competent staff if you wish to take down your marinated lobster with a cold beer.

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