5 Keys to Effective Supplementation

The workshop that will take you from scrambling shopper to savvy consumer—of nutritional supplements

Did you know that MOST Americans fall short on nutrients that are critical for health.

  • 94% don’t meet the recommended daily intake for vitamin D
  • 88% don’t consume enough vitamin E
  • 52% miss out on magnesium
  • Other people don’t get enough calcium, iron, vitamin C, or zinc
  • Even worse–low nutrient intakes create serious health problems.

    Even if you don’t have a full-blown deficiency, suboptimal nutrient status can lead to things like weight gain—inflammation—chronic illness—and poor immune function.

    Nutritional supplementation can keep you healthy—but only if you do it right.

    This 30-minute workshop will teach you…


    How to make sure you don’t buy supplements contaminated with heavy metals, prescription drugs, or other toxic fillers.


    What to look for on a label to know if you are getting the active form of vitamins—including things like B12.


    Why some mineral supplements can cause side effects, and how to choose the safest forms.


    Exactly how to know you are getting what you pay for so you can stop wasting money on unnecessary or inferior products.

    Dr. Kelly Mulhern

    This workshop is NOT a sales pitch!

    Hi there, I’m Dr. Kelley Mulhern. I’m a chiropractor and functional wellness specialist. I see too many people wasting money on supplements that are either unnecessary (at best) or downright dangerous (at worst).

    There is so much noise and health misinformation that gets people confused. I believe you deserve to know the truth about nutritional supplements so you can make informed decisions about your health.

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    This workshop is for you if…

  • You struggle with health issues but can’t quite find the cause
  • You’ve tried taking supplements but don’t really know if they work
  • You want to be savvy about supplements and know you are getting what you pay for
  • You want to get better results by taking fewer pills
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