50 Ways To Boost Your Immune System By Dr. Kelley Mulhern

Your immune system is not ONE system! It is actually made up of MANY different components:

The HEALTH of your IMMUNE SYSTEM is largely what determines how your body REACTS when under siege by foreign invaders -it is your internal military force that helps the good guys fight the bad guys. Simple, but that is the long and short of it.

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Organ Immune Function

*70-80% of your Immune System is in your gut!

Contain Peyer’s Patches – areas of lymphoid tissue similar to lymph nodes.  These prevent harmful materials from entering the bloodstream
Tonsils Contain pits to trap bacteria.  White blood cells surround and kill them.  House lymphocytes to create antibodies
Spleen Stores platelets, creates lymphocytes, destroys/recycles old red blood cells
Thymus Location where T-lymphocytes mature.  Protects against auto-immune diseases
Lymph Nodes Filters and traps foreign particles; contains white blood cells
Lymph Vessels Allows lymph fluid to circulate through body
Stomach Acid kills bacteria and viruses
Skin Barrier to bacteria and viruses
Mucous Membranes Secrete mucus which makes surfaces slippery so that viruses and bacteria cannot attach
Bone Marrow Area where adult stem cells are created that can differentiate into many cell types
White Blood Cells Found in blood and in tissues -liver, bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, etc.

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